Reshaping farming with blockchain technology across the value chain.

Bosch supports the entire farming value chain leverage blockchain technology for livestock matching, breeding and transfer of ownership as well as monitoring of the food supply chain. By ensuring transparency across the board, farmers, traders and consumers can connect more closely to track and monitor both produce as well as livestock. Bosch is playing an integral part in the farming revolution through solutions like Crypto Cow (connected cows on the blockchain) to help in cow trading and dairy farming, Farm-to-Fork traceability as well as within organic farming.

Despite farming and agricultural industries making strides to assimilate into the new economy, players across the spectrum experience significant difficulties by not having a complete and transparent view of their supply chains. These issues include a lack of efficient management and trading of crops and livestock, problems of ensuring regular and high quality produce as well as traceability across the food supply chain.

Through its secure distributed ledger technology (DLT), blockchain technology assists in end-to-end value chain visibility and transparency, ease of tracking and traceability of crops, livestock and produce and helps connect all players – farmers, traders and consumers – to ensure more effective interactions. Blockchain also supports organic farmers by easing compliance, regulatory and legal procedures by simplifying certification and documentation processes.

We, at Bosch, leverage our expertise to provide high-impact solutions for the farming industry by integrating blockchain technology into the value chain to deliver end-to-end benefits.

Traditional industries, new technology

Livestock and produce tracking

Real-time, easy and secure access to historical information, monitoring of livestock health and changes in ownership.

Product details

Direct and accessible data about the origin and quality of products.

Seamless trading

Simplifying livestock trading with transparent tracking of breed and lineage.


Ensuring end-to-end visibility across the food supply chain is not easy. Our solutions leverage blockchain technologies to enable transparency for all players – farmers, processors, retailers and consumers – along the value chain. This can help remove inefficiencies, increase consumer satisfaction, reduce waste, address produce-related issues and maintain trust and accountability across the supply chain.

Sustainable Farming

With more organic farmers entering the market, our solutions support registration, certification and compliance journey. We leverage blockchain for detailed record-keeping, logs and information management, provide tracking and traceability of produce and also increase interoperability between various players and third parties.

Livestock Trace

Our crypto cow solution tracks all the information of a calf’s lifecycle - from appropriate matching and mating of a bull to a cow, the insemination process, to its birth and maturity – on the blockchain ledger. This helps to securely store and record historical data, breed, lineage and ownership of livestock across the entire value chain.

We also provide solutions to monitor the health and development of cows and ensure data validation across the board. This helps ensure quality and origin of dairy produce as well as providing more transparency within the cow trading market.


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