Green Energy

Ensuring sustainable solutions for the future energy value chain.

Environmental concerns, climate change, and limiting fossil fuel use are moving energy providers towards more renewable sources. These sustainable practices will impact production, distribution and consumption by decarbonizing, decentralizing and digitizing the energy sector.

Bosch uses blockchain technology to transform the future of energy by tracking green energy production, enabling efficient distribution and monitoring consumption rates.

Bosch solutions such as the Provenance Platform for Green Energy shape clean energy needs for smart communities, campus and smart factories; Certificate of Origins provide end-to-end tracking and transparency of green energy creation, transfer and distribution while Smart Contracts remove intermediaries, automate certificate issuance, improve compliance and mitigate risks.

These solutions provide significant benefits across the energy value chain.


Ability to audit transactions like change in ownership or point of origin from raw material to point of sale.

Ease cost management of green energy by limiting price fluctuations.

Provide seamless trade of green energy across geographical boundaries without physical electricity transfer restrictions.

Certificate of Origins

Bosch ensures transparency of green energy through the tokenization of production levels using Certificate of Origins. This helps implement efficient distribution and effective management of energy to create sustainable consumption levels.


November 12, 2018

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November 12, 2018

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