Leveraging blockchain to provide end-to-end solutions across the healthcare value chain.

With increasing competition in the healthcare industry, ensuring regular, high quality research while maintaining patient confidentiality is imperative. Our clinical trials blockchain solution keeps patient information, diagnosis, and medical history safe and secure, while leveraging smart contracts to guarantee authenticity and transparency across the value chain. It also helps improve research quality by securing data collection and sharing and streamlining processes for all stakeholders. We also leverage blockchain to prevent counterfeit drugs and medical devices entering the market as well as implement cold chain traceability with real-time access to data and visibility across the entire healthcare supply chain.

The healthcare industry is witnessing a significant change in its functioning. The rise of new technologies like blockchain have ensured dramatic improvements in transparency, accountability and confidentiality and have enabled more visibility for all players across the value chain.

From limiting the entry of counterfeit drugs and medical devices by ensuring transparency and accountability, to cold chain traceability solutions that provide temperature-sensitive healthcare supply chains, Bosch leverages blockchain technology to provide real value across the industry. Our clinical trials solution ensures confidentiality of patient information, diagnosis and medical history, systematic data accessibility and immutability for researchers as well as faster drug deployment to market.

Our solutions encompass diverse offerings and all-across, seamless data visibility and streamlining. They also provide real-time data accessibility as well as boost connectivity across the entire healthcare spectrum.

End-to-end solutions


Create transparent and accountable supply chains to reduce fake drugs and products entering the market.


Use cold chain traceability to isolate and rectify issues across the supply chain.


Faster approvals and entry to market for new drugs through more effective patient trails.


End-to-end patient data privacy and security coupled with ease of data access for researchers.

Clinical Trials

By leveraging blockchain technology to streamline data collection, sharing and management and ensuring data integrity and immutability, we help improve the quality and speed of research.

For patients, issues of privacy and confidentiality are assured with smart contracts and simple documentation protocols, while pharmaceutical companies can benefit from quicker trials procedures through efficient processes, leading to faster drug deployment and cost benefits.

Connected Healthcare

Though patient data must be stored securely and safely to ensure confidentiality and privacy, it has to be readily available and easily accessible when required. This can be difficult when multiple providers are involved or when a patient visits numerous specialists.

The Bosch Provenance Platform leverages blockchain technology to provide a streamlined and concise healthcare data repository for patients. This enables patients to have access to their electronic health records (EHRs) across the value chain.

Cold Chain Traceability

Cold chains are temperature-sensitive supply chains, which can be used to regulate healthcare-related products. Though most cold chains are currently monitored with smart IoT devices to record temperature, humidity and other factors, keeping track of each participant within the chain (logistics providers, pharma companies, drugstores, etc.) can be challenging. Bosch leverages blockchain to enable seamless visibility, accountability and transparency for all players across the ledger.

The technology can be used to trigger alerts when required, ensure compliance by using Smart Contracts and maintain trust and better governance across the pharmaceutical value chain.

Counterfeit Drugs and Medical Devices

The menace of counterfeit drugs and medical devices not only impacts revenues but lives as well. However, in many parts of the world this trade continues the flourish. Bosch uses blockchain to limit the effect and spread of fake products by ensuring transparency and accountability across the value chain.

The technology ensures visibility across the supply chain through a distributed provenance ledger and helps safeguard against fake drugs and medical devices entering the market.


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