Supply Chain

Ensuring traceability and transparency across the entire value chain.

From smart warehouses to supply chains and third party logistics, to even last mile delivery, the entire logistics and distribution cycle is being reshaped by blockchain technology.

Bosch is at the forefront of this change by leveraging blockchain for asset tracking, ownership transparency and digital identity to help boost foreign trade, provide smart leasing for logistics transportation and alleviate spurious parts. Past concerns surrounding lack of visibility and accountability across the supply chain are being overcome by a clear and trusted audit trail, complete and clear transparency and greater security. These solutions benefit all stakeholders, including suppliers, governments, OEMs, retailers, logistics providers and consumers.

We are an integral part of the blockchain revolution within supply chains and strive to provide greater value for our customers.

The Bosch Advantage


Assured transparency and visibility of goods for all stakeholders, including suppliers, logistics providers and local authorities.


End-to-end traceability and tracking to reduce loss of goods.


Seamless payments process through smart contracts triggered by proof of delivery across the value chain.

Foreign Trade

Blockchain technology enables the systematic tracking of manufactured parts, from origin to assembly and to sales. Our solutions ensure seamless traceability and a trusted audit trail by recording and synchronizing each transaction to provide a transparent view of the process for every stakeholder.

This helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) claim tax incentives to reduce costs, remain competitive within export markets and boost overall foreign trade.

Spurious Parts

Bosch helps manufacturers across service lines by reducing the movement of spurious parts across the supply chain through increased transparency and production accountability. By leveraging distributed ledger technology, product tracking can be guaranteed and part tampering can be easily identified and isolated.

Smart Leasing & Logistics

Blockchain technology makes leasing assets for transportation much easier. Bosch leverages secure requests, which can be matched within the marketplace, confirmed by smart contracts, dispatched and monitored – all in a simple and cost effective manner.


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